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Heather Jenkins Infant Specialist

Eat. Sleep. Love Baby.

Advanced Newborn Care Specialists, Infant Specialists, Lactation Counselors, Licensed Practical Nurses

Heather Jenkins Infant Specialist

Eat. Sleep. Love Baby. is a team of experienced Advanced
Newborn Care Specialists, Infant Specialists, Lactation Counselors,
and LPNs that all work exclusively with infants. 

Our specialists are trained and skilled in newborn care and provide unique expertise in all aspects of newborn care, parental education, and support. Their job is to nurture and care for newborns while providing guidance and education for the parents.


Services include certified infant feeding support, certified infant sleep shaping, and pediatric sleep support for ages up to 3 years old. The team also offers overnight newborn and infant care, for ages birth to 12 months, along with infant concierge services.

Heather Jenkins Infant Specialist


We offer certified infant feeding support for formula and breastfeeding infants, we are here to support and provide infant feeding equality and advocacy. Guilt-free, shame-free support any way you decide to feed your baby. Fed is best.

  • Education and resources on reflux and sensitivity issues in your infants

  • Premature infant & full-term infant feeding techniques

  • Bottle positivity

  • Formula feeding recommendations

  • Lactation counseling

  • Tongue and Lip Tie support

  • Breast pumping support

  • Hybrid breast and bottle lifestyles/combo feeding

  • Introducing solids to your babies

Certified Infant Sleep Shaping Pediatric Sleep Support


We offer Certified Infant Sleep Shaping and Pediatric Sleep Support for ages up to 3 years old. We are here to help coach and support parents with their infants' sleep in the best way that fits your family and that you can trust with healthy and safe sleep practices.

  • Customized virtual and phone sleep consultations

  • In-home sleep training plans and coaching

  • Follow-up support

  • Navigating sleep regressions

  • Nap training

Heather Jenkins Infant Specialist


Providing overnight compassionate Newborn and Infant Care ages birth to 12 months. We provide expertise in all aspects of Newborns care and parental education and support. We provide flexible hours including 24/7 shifts and place local and travel CNCS contracts.

  • Educate and support parents

  • Create a smooth transition for the family during the newborn stage

  • Troubleshoot potential issues of concern with the newborn and offer professional options to resolve them

  • Maintain a thorough log of infant feeding and sleep patterns

  • Assist mother with any feeding issues she may have, including the facilitation of breastfeeding, and answering breastfeeding-related questions

  • Soothe babies using skilled and proven techniques that help calm newborns

  • To provide care for the newborn and perform some or all of the following tasks: Diapering, changing, bathing, circumcision care, bottle preparation (breastmilk & formula), bottle cleaning, organization and maintenance of nursery, create a regular feeding schedule, assisting in establishing healthy sleep habits, maintain a thorough log of eating, sleeping and behavioral patterns, take over complete care of newborn at night to provide parents time to sleep

Newborn Infant Care Parental Education Support Feeding Sleep Breastfeeding
Infant Pediatric Specialist Overnight Care
Infant Pediatric Specialist Care Overnight Support

We place Top Tier Infant Nannies for short-term and long-term commitments. Our Top Tier career Nannies specialize in infant development and milestones, hold certifications including First Aid and CPR, Choking Prevention, and Child Development, and have extensive experience with stellar references. Top Tier Infant Nanny contracts include competitive industry wages and benefits.

Concierge Services

  • Infant Nursery Concierge with tried and true products along with safety as a main priority

  • Nursery Organization

  • Baby Clothes Organization

  • Nursing/Pumping Station Organization

  • Newborn Necessities List

Infant Registry Concierge

Tried and True products that we’ve actually used and loved with babies. We work with you to create the perfect baby registry for your unique needs, taste, and family budget.



Heather started with our family one month after our daughter was born and not only was there immediate relief, but we instantly felt like we had gained an invaluable resource.

Heather has several strengths – she is a strong communicator, active listener, tidy, kind and provides exceptional care for children. In addition to these skills, Heather is a wealth of information around: feeding, skincare, age-appropriate activities, sleep schedule, etc. As a first-time mother I knew I wanted overnight care for my daughter, but I didn’t expect to also receive the parental support that Heather truly is. 

Heather has multiple years of caring for infants, which provides context and background to answer a lot of concerns. She always puts my mind at ease or provides me with resources, other experts to validate questions/concerns with.

Our family has truly been blessed to have her be a part of our lives. She provides such an invaluable service for families, and we are confident in the value she provides.  

Pewaukee, WI 

Heather Jenkins Infant Specialist

Meet Heather

Heather Jenkins, CNCS is a highly qualified and educated Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Lactation Counselor, and Feeding Specialist. Heather has also earned her degree in Early Childhood Education. She has over 10 years of experience as a CNCS, Night Nanny, Professional Nanny, and Professional Infant Nanny. She is a member of the NCSA. She is First Aid and CPR certified in Infant, Child, and Adult. Heather is very knowledgeable and offers extensive support in all aspects of feeding infants, implanting healthy sleep associations and most importantly caring for your infants just as if they were her own. Heather travels all over to provide high-quality Newborn Care to families in need.

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